Hervey Bay - Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island. The island is 120km long by about 15km wide and rises in places to 200 meters above sea level. It's all sand apart from three or four small rock outcrops, mostly covered in vegetation. There are also about 200 lakes, some of them superb for swimming.

2.11.96 - 6.11.96.
Koala Backpackers in Hervey Bay organises 3-day tours to Fraser Island. You pay about $95 and you get a Toyota 4WD to share with 8 other people, including camping stuff. In addition you have to buy the food with your group, and don't forget the drinks! It's allowed and necessary to drive on the beach, and it's a lot of fun, as long as you consider the tides.

What you can do: Vic Hislop shark museum, 3-day Fraser Island 4WD tours

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typical sand road on Fraser Island ship wreck
Lake McKenzie, white sand beach and cristal clear fresh water lookout from Indian Head
walk through the sand dunes 4WD on the beach