Northern Territory

[Australia] area: 1,346,200 sq km
population: 171,100 people (1995)
density of population: 0.12 people per sq km
[Northern Territory]
The fascinating Northern Territory is the least populated (with only 1% of the Australian population living in nearly 20% of the country's area) and the most barren area of Australia. Around 22% of the Territory's population is Aboriginal - a higher proportion than in most southern states.
The climate of the Top End is best described in terms of the Dry and Wet, rather than winter and summer. Roughly, the Dry is April to September, and the Wet is October to March, with the haviest rain falling from January onwards. The Top End is the most thundery part of Australia: Darwin has over 90 'thunderdays' a year, all between September and March and they're very spectacular to view.
source: lonely planet travel survival kit, Australia

[Northern Territory]

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