22.09.97 - 29.09.97.
Kimberley - a wild and rugged area with a convoluted coastline and spectacular inland gorges. It gets good annual rainfall, but all in the 'green' season. Despite enormous advances in the past decade this is still a little-travelled and very remote area of great rivers and magnificent scenery. The Kimberley suffers from climatic extremes - heavy rains in the Wet followed by searing heat in the Dry. Rivers and creeks can rise rapidly following heavy rain and become impassable torrents within 15 minutes. The best time to visit is between April and September. On the other hand, the Wet is a spectacular time to visit - thunderstorms, lightning, flowing waterfalls - but some areas are likely impassable. It's a spectacular area well worth to visit.

What you can do: 7-day tour with 4WD

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Kimberley I, II, III, IV, V

Kimberley I

Lunch break in the 'shade', ~40 degrees Celsius
Sunset in the bush. Preparing the damper, the typical bush bread.